Thursday 22 May 2014

P.R.I.C.E. Did you hear about???


 Today a few words about PRICE method. If you are a massage therapist- I am sure you heard about. If you are an athlete...would be good to know it.

Why you should know the PRICE method?

First of all PRICE method is a treatment of acute injuries. And for most acute injuries the treatment given is almost the same.  PRICE treatment minimise risk of forming chronic problems like scar tissue and adhesions, which can restrict movement.
 It will help start the healing process early.
The result of giving good acute treatment is effective pain relief.

Acute injury- symptoms: redness, swelling and inflammation, heat, pain, limited range of motion-generally loss of function. Bruising- black, blue, red or purple. Muscle spasm and quarding.

I would say: if you have swelling, you have an acute injury.

 How long is an acute stage?? From the moment of injury up to 3-4 days post injury.


P- protection from futher injury.

R- rest affected part.-resting is important to promote effective healing. Activity may increase    bleeding, inflamation and induce more swelling. The movement may cause further tearing of soft tissue.

I- ice- is the best immediate treatment for acute injuries- it reduces swelling and pain. Ice is vaso-constrictor- it cause the blood vessels to narrow. Ice can be applied for 10- 20min at a time. Wrap ice in a thin towel. The treatment can be repeated when the part starts to warm up again. You can ice an acute injury several times a day for up to three days.

C- compression- should be applied to stop bleading and prevent swelling. You can use bandage.

E- elevation-keep injuried part in an elevated position- it helps control swelling.

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