Sunday 10 January 2016

Good morning Sunday :)    

,,Positive Mind. Negativity starts in the mind. Once you start harboring pessimistic thoughts, it’s difficult to let them go. Once you begin to think “I can’t do this” whatever it is you’re doing begins to seem impossible to finish. If, however, you remain positive, and you push through this mental obstacle, you finish the task with ease. This same concept applies to general thought process. If you’re constantly viewing life from a pessimistic perspective, chances are you’re sloughing through life unhappy. However, if you focus on the positive, and keep your thoughts and perspective pessimistic a majority of the time, you’re going to be in a better mood. You are what you think.

Positive Vibes Without a positive mind, you can’t give off positive vibes. If you’re thinking negatively, you’re going to give off negative vibes, and likewise, if you’re thinking positively, you’ll give off positive vibes. You’re more fun to be around when you’re radiating positive vibes. ,, 

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